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Web Scraping and Data Mining Services

Today Web scraping Data mining is done by using web scraping and data mining tool is computer software that helps the experts to use different data extraction techniques to identify or discover patterns from large data sets. Data is important in today’s world, but the information is huge, diverse and redundant from which professionals can get right information using right tools and techniques.This information is collected and then exported by Outsourced Back office (OBO) team to the clients into a format that is more useful for them.

Web scraping can be done manually butusually we prefer automated tools for scraping web data to save the cost and time. Web scraping is not a simple taskas website can vary in functionality and features. The web scraper experts will render the entire website code and extract the specific data they want on the page. The web scraper expert will output all the data that has been converted into a format that is more useful to the user

Different Kind of Web Scrapers used by OBO expert

  • Self-built or Pre-built
  • Browser extension vs Software
  • User Interface
  • Cloud vs Local

OBO experts use three types of data mining i.e. web content mining, web usage mining and web structure mining.

1. Web Content Mining: Our data mining experts collect useful data from websites which includes news, comments, company information, product catalogues, etc.

2. Web Usage Mining: In it we identify or discover patterns from large data sets using pattern analysis tool and pattern discovery toolwhich enables us to predict user behaviours or something like that.

3. Web Structure Mining: We use linking method to discover the relationship between web pages linked by information or direct link connection.

OBO have pool of professionals for web scraping and data mining.

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