Data Management Services

Outsourced Back Office in India (OBO) provides data management solutions for all your Data Management Process at One Place.

Data Management

We are committed to provide high quality Data Management Services to our clients. We can be a viable business process outsourcing partner with apt credentials and capability. We use advanced technology and tools to use data as part of modernization of systems. We deploy solutions and leveraging best in class platforms & solutions.

Why Choose OBO for Data Management Services for your businesses?

  • Accuracy: – We provide 99.9% accuracy and ensure that all input data matches to the original source data, and is placed in the appropriate fields.
  • Robust Team:- We have team of expertise for Data Management, Data Cleansing and Enrichment, Web Research/Data Mining, Data Cleansing, Enrichment & Standardization, Web Research, Indexing / Scanning, Address Management, List Building, Data Abstraction, Data Analytics, Database Development & Migration, Sales Support Services in their respective field. They take a strategic approach to offer delightful insights to provide¬†Outsourcing Data Management Services.
  • Project Management: – A project manager is assigned for every project and a team leader with a ratio of 10:1is provided for best results. Our quality control team ensures that we meet the highest standards in our data management services.
  • Flexible Pricing Models: – We provide customized services to our clients. You can choose from a various pricing models depending on the nature of the job, it can be hourly, fixed and dedicated.
  • Complete Data Security: – Our Encrypted information transfer and Non-Disclosure Agreement help in complete data security. We have cloud based system, CCTV Camera and security guard for full safety.
  • ¬†
  • 24/7 Availability: – Round the clock data management services for timely services.

Data Management Services